Chickens On Order!

Written by Cool City Chicks

Preparing for our new girls.

I’m so excited! We finally placed our order for the peeps we want. They’ll be delivered the last week of February.

We decided to order from Meyer Hatchery this year. Because of the time of year we are ordering, they had a minimum of 25 chicks. ACK! That’s double what we’d planned, so I’ll be selling or giving away the extras. I’m just not sure which ones just yet.

Here are the ones we chose this year:


Speckled Sussex

Partridge Rock

Easter Egger


Buff Orpington

Black Australorp


I ordered 2 of each and one Buff Orpington. I think we decided we wanted to keep about 10 to 12, meaning about half will need to go to new homes, but I have NO doubt I’ll be able to find takers.

When I had to get rid of our last batch of chickens, I made a post in our local backyard chicken Facebook group and I had more than enough people willing to take them.

I chose these birds based on past experience with some and tolerance of cold or heat with the others. Plus, just a general good feeling about them. 🙂

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