Our Favorite Tomatoes

Written by Cool City Chicks

Most people don’t think about tomatoes when they are at the store. They just buy whatever looks good. But until you’ve eaten a non-gmo, organically home grown tomato, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Every year, we usually will try to grow something new. However, it seems like every year we have so many volunteer tomatoes from the previous year that we just about don’t have to plant anymore because we’ll get all volunteer if we just wait for them. LOL

However, over the years, we have found a few tomatoes that are our favorites for fresh eating tomatoes. They are called Sunshine Bumble Bee and Yellow Fire.

Both of these we got from Baker Creek ( – not affiliate).

Sunshine Bumble Bee

The Sunshine Bumble Bee puts out a large cherry type tomato. They are so flavorful that they compliment everything, including a huge BLT when I get a craving. I’ve noticed they take a little longer to produce than other cherry tomatoes that we’ve had but it is really worth the wait and you’ll have these growing until it gets cold.

The Yellow Fire is an odd one. It’s long and slender and sometimes has a weird butt on it. I usually cut them off. The inside is

Yellow Fire Tomato

also a little different. It has a lot of flesh and not much liquid. So it works well if you don’t like a lot of seeds in your tomato. However, the flavor is OUTSTANDING! I have not tried it yet in a sauce, but I have diced it up for my tacos and added it to sandwiches. So YUMMMMM.


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